WOMEN’S HEALTH: Understanding more about Dysmenorrhea

Women’s health is very important to every family. A woman is the one who nurtures and takes care of every family member especially for the children. But because of too much hectic schedule of taking care of the family, women or moms are the ones who are very prone to  different diseases.  

Women can suffer from myoma, heart failure, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other harmful diseases that can cause death if not immediately treated. These are very expensive kind of diseases. As the famous saying goes, it is always better to prevent than to cure. So to all the women out there, take care of your health and make sure to visit the doctor at Geelong Medical Centre and have a regular checkup within a year. 

But for some other reasons, there is an inevitable pain that most women suffer from every month. This is the terror that “dysmenorrhea” gives to women all over the world. No one is an exception regardless of your social strata, whatever your color is, and wherever you came from. If you are a woman, you can be a victim.   

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstrual cramps caused by the irregular menstruation periods, hormonal imbalance, heavy bleeding, and genetic hormonal irregularities in a woman’s body. What is saddening is that statistics shows that 20% to 90% of women during the reproductive age suffer from this kind of pain.  

But the question is, how do women take care of their body especially when they suffer from this pain because of dysmenorrhea? Do women get proper treatments at home? Should we settle to home self-care? Or should we immediately get a help of the doctor? There should be awareness on how to properly take care of women who suffer from dysmenorrhea. This is not just a simple and tolerable pain. This is not something like a headache that when you take pain relievers, everything will go back to a normal state again. This is something that men and women should be educated and care about.  

Women’s health is everybody’s primary concern. So to all the men out there, learn the struggles of women. Have you ever felt the pain that women go through from the moment when she becomes pregnant, carrying another being inside of her? Or have you ever wondered how painful it is as a woman gives birth to a human being? Have you ever gotten curious about the struggles of women not only for her but also for others?  

Know how to take care of your mothers, sisters, daughters, or wives. These are women who play a significant role in the society. As you love these women, show them how you truly care. Help them get through it as they face these challenges. 

So here are some facts that you need to be alarmed of. There are different types of dysmenorrhea that women or girls that you know, might suffer from. 

  1. Primary Dysmenorrhea  

These menstrual cramps occur during the menstruation period. This often occurs on the first day. You would feel tremendous abdominal and back pain. Whenever you feel the cold wind on your body, your knees begin losing its strength. Some cold sweat starts to abnormally come out in your body.  

Some women who suffer from extreme painful dysmenorrhea vomit and agonize from lose bowel movement (LBM). This is particularly painful that women can no longer understand how they feel. 

Even if women cry out for dear life, the pain is just intolerable. The pain eats all her senses. All she can think of is how the pain consumes her mind and body. This is not a simple pain that a normal person can feel. Dysmenorrhea means that the abdomen of a woman is stabbed ten thousand times at the same time. The back pain feels like it is being punched for a thousand times. 

But this condition can be treated by applying hot compress on the abdominal part of a woman. She can also drink lots of soda or beer because acidity prevents dysmenorrhea from happening. Or in some other cases, just let her sleep in peace and rest. Once she wakes up, this pain is no longer there. But sometimes, the pain can still occur after feeling the extreme pain. But this one is not as painful as the first one. It is tolerable this time.  

  1. Secondary Dysmenorrhea 

Secondary dysmenorrhea is termed as second menstrual pain. This occurs even after suffering from the primary dysmenorrhea. It happens after feeling a temporary relief. This one cannot be simply taken cared of at home. Women who suffer from it should undergo checkups and treatment because this is a serious ailment in the women’s body. Unlike the primary dysmenorrhea, this needs more proper attention as it can be vital because of its danger to a woman’s health. 

Infertility, Vaginal discharge, Pain relievers or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NAID) are not working are some of the symptoms that you have secondary dysmenorrhea. Women who suffer from this should be alarmed and should be immediately checked by the doctor for diagnosis and treatments. 

This can lead to acute and malignant cancer if not treated as early as possible. So, if you feel like you know someone who suffers from this, caution her and advice to be given the proper medication as soon as possible.  

 The population of women in the world is almost four (4) billion. Women’s health should never be taken for granted. Can you imagine a world without proper care for women’s health?  

Health is a main concern of everybody. We should take care of our health because it is the biggest wealth that a human can ever have – not money, career and not even property assets. So if you feel like there is something wrong with your body today, do not ever hesitate to consult your doctor.  

We should always avoid taking too much salt, high sugar and cholesterol food that are harmful for the body, exercise well for physical fitness, monitor your blood pressure always, and always remember to visit the doctor and undergo general checkups.  

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