Driving in the Rain

It’s vital to be cautious of the weather that the changing seasons can bring as we head into the summer months. Rain might be ideal for washing pollen away and for plant growth. However, driving in the rain is not that ideal.

According to studies, rain is riskier to drive in compared to snow. Around 70% of weather-related car accidents happen every year because of wet pavements. In addition to that, around 46% of the overall number happen during rainfall. Because of this, you’ve got to make the right precautions to stay safe, especially if you want to avoid emergency roadside San Antonio.

Slow Down

This appears like a very obvious tip. However, it’s one that a lot of individuals do not follow. Everyone is in a hurry and we’ve got places to be, especially if you are extremely busy. However, you’ve got to ensure that you safely arrive at your destination. To offer yourself more time on your travel, you have to leave early. You’ve got to slow down. Also, you’ve got to keep in mind that it’s more vital to safely where you’re going instead of getting there on time.

You should be wary and stay alert if you’re on winding roads. Rainy conditions can make the turns extremely risky. You have to drive smart and slow down. Be wary of road indications that show how roads might be affected when wet. Accordingly, adjust your driving. Even if the conditions are more hazardous, there are steps you can take to keep your driving safe.

Cruise Control

Though cruise control may be a helpful feature for any other trip, you want to ensure this option isn’t enabled when driving in the rain. Hydroplaning can happen at speeds as low as 30 mph. You can improve the chances of hydroplaning if cruise control is turned on. The reason for this is that it keeps your vehicle going at a particular speed.

There are two crucial things you have to keep in mind if you do hydroplane, whether or not cruise control is a factor. You shouldn’t slam on the brakes. You have to turn your wheel in the direction the car is spinning. Slamming on the brakes is the first move that a lot of people do when they feel like they’re losing control of their car. The truth is that you want to slowly let off the accelerator without braking if you do hydroplane.

Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car is vital. However, a lot of individuals don’t know that their vehicle is working harder when driving in the rain. Thus, it’s vital to ensure you’re updated with the required maintenance. Bad brakes and low tire pressure are two factors that can add to hazardous driving conditions.

Each month, you’ve got to check the air pressure of your tires. Also, you have to remember that brake pads can last around 60,000 miles. It’s ideal to inspect your brakes every time you go for an oil change. This will help you avoid any unforeseen roadside assistance in the future.