Driving in the Rain

It’s vital to be cautious of the weather that the changing seasons can bring as we head into the summer months. Rain might be ideal for washing pollen away and for plant growth. However, driving in the rain is not that ideal.

According to studies, rain is riskier to drive in compared to snow. Around 70% of weather-related car accidents happen every year because of wet pavements. In addition to that, around 46% of the overall number happen during rainfall. Because of this, you’ve got to make the right precautions to stay safe, especially if you want to avoid emergency roadside San Antonio.

Slow Down

This appears like a very obvious tip. However, it’s one that a lot of individuals do not follow. Everyone is in a hurry and we’ve got places to be, especially if you are extremely busy. However, you’ve got to ensure that you safely arrive at your destination. To offer yourself more time on your travel, you have to leave early. You’ve got to slow down. Also, you’ve got to keep in mind that it’s more vital to safely where you’re going instead of getting there on time.

You should be wary and stay alert if you’re on winding roads. Rainy conditions can make the turns extremely risky. You have to drive smart and slow down. Be wary of road indications that show how roads might be affected when wet. Accordingly, adjust your driving. Even if the conditions are more hazardous, there are steps you can take to keep your driving safe.

Cruise Control

Though cruise control may be a helpful feature for any other trip, you want to ensure this option isn’t enabled when driving in the rain. Hydroplaning can happen at speeds as low as 30 mph. You can improve the chances of hydroplaning if cruise control is turned on. The reason for this is that it keeps your vehicle going at a particular speed.

There are two crucial things you have to keep in mind if you do hydroplane, whether or not cruise control is a factor. You shouldn’t slam on the brakes. You have to turn your wheel in the direction the car is spinning. Slamming on the brakes is the first move that a lot of people do when they feel like they’re losing control of their car. The truth is that you want to slowly let off the accelerator without braking if you do hydroplane.

Car Maintenance

Maintaining your car is vital. However, a lot of individuals don’t know that their vehicle is working harder when driving in the rain. Thus, it’s vital to ensure you’re updated with the required maintenance. Bad brakes and low tire pressure are two factors that can add to hazardous driving conditions.

Each month, you’ve got to check the air pressure of your tires. Also, you have to remember that brake pads can last around 60,000 miles. It’s ideal to inspect your brakes every time you go for an oil change. This will help you avoid any unforeseen roadside assistance in the future.



Do you often travel abroad? Do you get mindful about what are the necessities before you finally travel? Do you think about your health before you do so?  

 If not, now is the time to be aware that in travelling abroad, you need to have some vaccinations first. You have to be careful and attentive to your health. This is for your own good because as you travel far from home, you might be prone and susceptible to the contagious diseases in the new environment that you are going to visit. There are times that your body may not be used to the adjustments and immunity for some other countries. You might get flu and other dangerous viruses that can harm and worse, can even take away your life and the people around you. 

So it’s better to take precautionary measures before it even hits you.  Consult your travel doctor and ask for recommendations. They will give you a vaccination process for you to be safe as you travel and enjoy your trip. Then, you do not have to worry anymore about getting sick or getting serious and perilous viruses. 

Do not get too excited about your trip only there are a lot of things that you need to be aware of before you enjoy. So here’s a heads up for you to discern the basic things that you should keep in mind. There are various types of vaccinations that are given to travellers like you. To make preventive measures, we will introduce you to these three categories of vaccinations that you might need.  


You are probably familiar with this kind of vaccine already. Because this classification of vaccine is the one that is routinely and regularly administered since your childhood. From babies to adults, this kind of immunization is always being updated by the health agencies in different places even at your local area. These are some of the examples of these immunity vaccinations: measles, tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rotavirus, meningococcus, pertussis, mumps, human papilloma virus, varicella, Haemophilus influenzae type b, rubella, poliomyelitis, pneumococcus, diptheria and there is so many more. 

When you travel, always keep in mind that your immunization is up-to-date. As an international traveller, there are some circumstances that the immunity of the people on these particular vaccines is high. Whenever you go to different places, there is a high risk that the people are not immune to this. Therefore, it makes you vulnerable to have contagious diseases from the new people whom you interact with. It is better to become cautious on this than to take these matters for granted. Getting immunity will never be a loss. So take a partial of your time and visit your travel doctor immediately. 


Recommended vaccinations depend on your individual state of health. As a traveller, the doctors will give you recommended immunizations depending on which country or place are you going to visit.  These immunizations will protect you from the rampant cases of contagious diseases in the places that you are about to go to.  

These are some examples of the vaccines that are recommended to international travellers like you. Typhoid fever, Rabies, and Japanese encephalitis. Typhoid fever is a form of contagious infection that is rampant in a lot of places throughout the world 

You might get infected through the food that is prepared by a person who already got infected by typhoid fever; you can also get this through contaminated beverages and most likely through the water. On the other hand, Japanese encephalitis is a kind of disease that you can get from the bite of disease-ridden mosquitoes. This is rampant in Asia and other western pacific regions.  While rabies is a virus that is endemic and prevalent on dogs. But it is commonly found in the Republic of the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. This is not limited to these countries, however these are the areas with a lot of stray dogs that can make you more susceptible and can infect you with this virus.  


Required vaccination is a type of vaccine that is obligatory. From the name itself, it is classified as “required” by the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Health Regulations (IHR). The only vaccine that is part of this classification is the yellow fever vaccination. Yellow fever is a virus that is extremely severe and provocative disease that is transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes. This kind of disease is rampant and widespread among tropical countries such as South America and Africa. This causes about 200,000 infections year after year. Moreover, it also causes an average of 30,000 deaths per year. This is why it is a very dangerous infectious disease that should be focused on in the medical field. Many are still infected because many are not immune to this virus. 

The symptoms if you are experiencing a yellow fever disease are the following: fever, headaches, muscle aches which can cause deadly complications for you. This can lead to haemorrhage and hepatitis that is why it is termed and labelled as “yellow.”  

Travelling is essential as we explore and enjoy life. But we need to have the appropriate responsibility for ourselves, and for our health. We need to be cautious and should not only think of what fun is waiting for us as we have our business trips and international travel. We have the obligation to keep ourselves healthy. What joy does travelling can bring you if because of it you will just get serious illnesses transmitted from abroad? 

As an international traveller, learn and know what to do before you give yourself fun and enjoyment during the trip. Discover new places without worrying that you might get infected in these new places that you want to visit. Enjoy travelling across the globe, but be responsible enough for your health. 

As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” so visit your travel doctor now and know what are the precautionary measures you can do. Don’t forget to spread and share the awareness


WOMEN’S HEALTH: Understanding more about Dysmenorrhea

Women’s health is very important to every family. A woman is the one who nurtures and takes care of every family member especially for the children. But because of too much hectic schedule of taking care of the family, women or moms are the ones who are very prone to  different diseases.  

Women can suffer from myoma, heart failure, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other harmful diseases that can cause death if not immediately treated. These are very expensive kind of diseases. As the famous saying goes, it is always better to prevent than to cure. So to all the women out there, take care of your health and make sure to visit the doctor at Geelong Medical Centre and have a regular checkup within a year. 

But for some other reasons, there is an inevitable pain that most women suffer from every month. This is the terror that “dysmenorrhea” gives to women all over the world. No one is an exception regardless of your social strata, whatever your color is, and wherever you came from. If you are a woman, you can be a victim.   

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for menstrual cramps caused by the irregular menstruation periods, hormonal imbalance, heavy bleeding, and genetic hormonal irregularities in a woman’s body. What is saddening is that statistics shows that 20% to 90% of women during the reproductive age suffer from this kind of pain.  

But the question is, how do women take care of their body especially when they suffer from this pain because of dysmenorrhea? Do women get proper treatments at home? Should we settle to home self-care? Or should we immediately get a help of the doctor? There should be awareness on how to properly take care of women who suffer from dysmenorrhea. This is not just a simple and tolerable pain. This is not something like a headache that when you take pain relievers, everything will go back to a normal state again. This is something that men and women should be educated and care about.  

Women’s health is everybody’s primary concern. So to all the men out there, learn the struggles of women. Have you ever felt the pain that women go through from the moment when she becomes pregnant, carrying another being inside of her? Or have you ever wondered how painful it is as a woman gives birth to a human being? Have you ever gotten curious about the struggles of women not only for her but also for others?  

Know how to take care of your mothers, sisters, daughters, or wives. These are women who play a significant role in the society. As you love these women, show them how you truly care. Help them get through it as they face these challenges. 

So here are some facts that you need to be alarmed of. There are different types of dysmenorrhea that women or girls that you know, might suffer from. 

  1. Primary Dysmenorrhea  

These menstrual cramps occur during the menstruation period. This often occurs on the first day. You would feel tremendous abdominal and back pain. Whenever you feel the cold wind on your body, your knees begin losing its strength. Some cold sweat starts to abnormally come out in your body.  

Some women who suffer from extreme painful dysmenorrhea vomit and agonize from lose bowel movement (LBM). This is particularly painful that women can no longer understand how they feel. 

Even if women cry out for dear life, the pain is just intolerable. The pain eats all her senses. All she can think of is how the pain consumes her mind and body. This is not a simple pain that a normal person can feel. Dysmenorrhea means that the abdomen of a woman is stabbed ten thousand times at the same time. The back pain feels like it is being punched for a thousand times. 

But this condition can be treated by applying hot compress on the abdominal part of a woman. She can also drink lots of soda or beer because acidity prevents dysmenorrhea from happening. Or in some other cases, just let her sleep in peace and rest. Once she wakes up, this pain is no longer there. But sometimes, the pain can still occur after feeling the extreme pain. But this one is not as painful as the first one. It is tolerable this time.  

  1. Secondary Dysmenorrhea 

Secondary dysmenorrhea is termed as second menstrual pain. This occurs even after suffering from the primary dysmenorrhea. It happens after feeling a temporary relief. This one cannot be simply taken cared of at home. Women who suffer from it should undergo checkups and treatment because this is a serious ailment in the women’s body. Unlike the primary dysmenorrhea, this needs more proper attention as it can be vital because of its danger to a woman’s health. 

Infertility, Vaginal discharge, Pain relievers or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NAID) are not working are some of the symptoms that you have secondary dysmenorrhea. Women who suffer from this should be alarmed and should be immediately checked by the doctor for diagnosis and treatments. 

This can lead to acute and malignant cancer if not treated as early as possible. So, if you feel like you know someone who suffers from this, caution her and advice to be given the proper medication as soon as possible.  

 The population of women in the world is almost four (4) billion. Women’s health should never be taken for granted. Can you imagine a world without proper care for women’s health?  

Health is a main concern of everybody. We should take care of our health because it is the biggest wealth that a human can ever have – not money, career and not even property assets. So if you feel like there is something wrong with your body today, do not ever hesitate to consult your doctor.  

We should always avoid taking too much salt, high sugar and cholesterol food that are harmful for the body, exercise well for physical fitness, monitor your blood pressure always, and always remember to visit the doctor and undergo general checkups.